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12/17/08 10:53 am - jes5199


11/27/06 12:54 pm - jes5199


3/9/06 09:03 am - jes5199


12/19/05 02:16 am - foolishgirl5239 - Snow in NE..

I took one of the kitties out for his first snow, and took some scenery shots while I was out there, too...
Do we need to cut? I will just in case...Collapse )

12/18/05 05:49 pm - imfallingup - snow snow!

not the best photo. but i forgot to take photos for the most part when i was out there. oops.

snow!Collapse )

12/18/05 05:41 pm - m00ngirl

from my house (north portland)

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12/18/05 02:32 pm - jes5199


(in Northeast)

12/4/04 12:10 pm - simpledoubt

Well, with the lack of snow in the area there won't be much here for a bit.. but i'm hoping it will get much use.
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